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Robust wolf note suppression for cello & bass

WTB 2 vs WTC 3 v2

Wolf Terminator For Cello & Bass

The Robust solution to wolf note suppression

The wolf note can be a significant problem for the cello and double bass player.

But they don’t have to remain a problem.

The Wolf Terminator is an easy-to-use device that is specifically designed to help cellists and bassists achieve a smoother and more even tone without fighting the characteristic stuttering and wavering wolf note.

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Actual customer experience & how our solution has helped players of both cello & bass suppress the wolf note.

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Cello & Bass

Learn more about our tunable wolf note eliminators.


Learn more about the wolf note eliminator for the Cello

Double Bass

Learn more about the wolf note eliminator for the Double Bass

Electric Bass

The Dead Spot Terminator

An effective solution to the well known dead spot on electric basses

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Most players have already spent considerable time trying to make their conventional wolf eliminator work. We understand you might be skeptical. 

But there’s nothing to worry about – your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee: If the Wolf Terminator does not eliminate the wolf note to your satisfaction, you will receive a full refund. 

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