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Most players who are considering purchase of a Wolf Terminator for their cello or double bass have already spent considerable time trying to make their conventional wolf eliminator work. After all, why spend a hundred dollars or more on the Wolf Terminator when most of the other wolf eliminators on the market can be purchased for much less? Why spend your time looking at yet another website touting a better wolf eliminator? Why spend time and money juggling the setup of the instrument and the hit and miss results of the conventional wolf eliminator? If you are looking at this website, you already know the answer.

The conventional wolf eliminators just don’t work. The conventional wolf eliminators operate on either or both of the following two principles. First, the usual resonator type of eliminator requires tuning the resonator so that the wolf note resonance is moved away from the the desired note. The resonance must be moved between two notes, because if moved too far, the wolf will appear on an adjacent note. For any but the weakest of wolf notes, this is not a practical situation because the typical wolf note affects a range of notes. More often than not, eliminating the wolf on one note only shifts the wolf to the next note (sometimes up and sometimes down). Moreover, this is not a stable situation because changes in the weather or changes in the instrument setup will cause the wolf to reappear unexpectedly. For all but the most inconsequential wolfs, the typical resonator eliminator does not eliminate the wolf. Second, wolf eliminators which depend upon weight also kill the tone. Eliminators which depend on weight alone will restrict the resonant peak of the cello (called the main body resonance) and in doing so, restrict the interaction between the string and the body. The wolf is gone and so is the tone. Some resonator wolf eliminators depend upon a combination of weight and resonance and you get the best of both styles – or the worst of both styles, depending on your perspective.

Those of you who have tried everything else before considering the Wolf Terminator already know this. Many years of frustration working with conventional wolf eliminators spurred us to look for a “better solution” and the Wolf Terminator is the result. We know, from first hand experience, the shortcomings of the conventional wolf eliminator and believe that the Wolf Terminator is better than anything else you have tried. The Wolf Terminator, in our research and testing, completely eliminates the wolf note without affecting the overall tone and resonance  of the instrument.  There may be wolf note scenarios which we haven’t yet encountered, so there may be exceptions and your results may vary. But by and large, the installation and adjustment is simple and straightforward. Best of all, the setup of your instrument is not affected and you and your violin shop can concentrate on optimizing the instrument for your preferred tone.

We’ve spent many hours developing and testing the Wolf Terminator. Key parts require precision machining and the individual damping and tuning of the two resonator assemblies is done with the aid of a spectrum analyzer. And while we have simplified the construction as much as possible, you will notice, compared to the usual wolf eliminator, that there are a lot of parts to manufacture and assemble. All of this affects the cost, but end result is a wolf eliminator that really works as advertised.

And so the guarantee…

If the Wolf Terminator does not eliminate the wolf note to your satisfaction, you will (upon its return) receive a full refund of your purchase price.

The Robust Solution To Wolf Note Suppression