Wolf Terminator

The WTA Adaptor for Internal Installation

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We have been very pleased with the enthusiastic response of cellists who have installed the Wolf Terminator on their instruments. The only recurring question has been….. can the Wolf Terminator be installed internally? With the introduction of the model WTC-2, the answer is yes. All of the standard features, such as the easy tuning adjustments and adjustments for degree of suppression are retained, while security against accidental movement is enhanced as is overall appearance.

Installation Is Easy, Doesn’t Require Any Tools And Detailed Instructions Are Included.

While there are exceptions* the Wolf Terminator WTC-2 with the WTA adapter will fit inside most cellos without problems. Utilizing the WTC-2 body as its base, the WTA acts as a tiny “C” clamp and holds the Wolf Terminator securely, yet allows easy removal without damaging the instrument.

dsc 0280 wtc 2 with internal mounting 1 24 17 1

The WTA adaptor, shown at the left front of the photo, with the WTC-2 Wolf Terminator behind.

wtc 2 clamp bracket a 1 24 17

The WTA is fitted to the base of the WTC-2 and inserted through the lower eye of the C string soundhole.

dsc 0255 edited
dsc 0257edited

The Wolf Terminator is installed on the perimeter of the soundhole eye, and further tuning can be done without removing the device. By moving the Wolfterminator toward the center of the cello, the suppression can be increased and by moving it toward the outside edge, the suppression is decreased.

dsc 0261edited

Additional Notes

* The WTA adapter fits onto the WTC-2 body, and while the assembly will go through the soundholes of most standard cellos, there will be some cellos with non-standard f-holes or with soundholes smaller than the average. On these instruments, the Wolf Terminator must be installed externally. For internal installation, the Wolf Terminator requires a smooth surface beneath the top so that it can be evenly clamped. Cellos which have cracks in the C string f-hole around the lower eye and which have been reinforced with cleats might not work with the WTA.  Soundholes which have been reinforced by the maker or repairperson might not allow installation as well. In these specific situations, we recommend having your instrument examined by a luthier or repair shop.

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